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导读:2018年成人高考专升本《英语》模拟题及答案(10) I. Vocabulary and Structure 1. ---Would you like to have dinner with us this evening? ---____C____. A. Ok, but I have to go to a meeting now. B. No, I cant C. Sorry, this evenin......更多 请关注湖北成人高考网(www.hbcrgkw.cn)。


I. Vocabulary and Structure

  1. ---Would you like to have dinner with us this evening?


  A. Ok, but I have to go to a meeting now.

  B. No, I can't

  C. Sorry, this evening I have to go to the airport to meet my parents.

  D. I don't know.

  2. --- Please help yourself to some fish.


  A. Thanks, but I don't like fish

  B. Sorry, I can't help

  C. Well, fish don't suit me

  D. No, I don't want to do that

  3. ---It's getting late. I'm afraid I must be going now.

  ---OK. __D____.

  A. Take it easy B. Go slowly

  C. Stay longer D. See you

  4. ---Could I ask you a rather personal question?


  A. Yes, don't worry. B. Of course, go ahead.

  C. Yes, help yourself. D. Of course, why not?

  5. ---Well done. Congratulations on your success.

  --- ______A____.

  A. Thank you very much B. Oh, no, no

  C. No, I didn't do well D. Sorry, I couldn't do any better

  6. _____A_____ is well known, the key to success lies in hard work.

  A. As B. That C. Which D. What

  7. The doctor will not perform the operation ______D____ it is absolutely necessary.

  A. so B. if C. for D. unless

  8. Today the police can watch cars ___C_______ on roads by radar.

  A. run B .to run C. running D. to be run

  9. The little boy saw the plane ______C____ and burst into flames.

  A. complete B. compel C. crash D. clutch

  10. Beijing is well _____D_____ its beautiful scenery and the Great Wall.

  A. known as B. known to

  C. known about D. known for

  11. When he returned to his hometown twenty years later, he found it had changed out of _____D___.

  A. recollection B. retention C. resurrection D. recognition

  12. Please don't get mad C me. I was only trying to help.

  A. on B. to C. at D. against

  13. The jury decided that Susan was guilty C murder.

  A. on B. by C. of D. with

  14. The Mississippi River carries great amounts of fine sand and silt into the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans. D

  A. collections B. mounds C. reserves D. quantities

  15. In his mathematics, Archimedes employed methods that resembled those of contemporary integral calculus. A

  A. were similar to B. established C. were supported by D. prescribed

  16. Without exception, the earliest literate societies originated along the banks of great rivers. D

  A. public libraries B. schools C. naval academies D. communities

  17. She arranged a party to help put the strangers at their _______B_______.

  A. pleasure B. ease C. peace D. delight

  18. I don't think that car is ______C_____ the money you paid for it.

  A. equal B. satisfactory C. worth D. profitable

  19. His business is growing so fast that he has to _______B_____ more workers.

  A. take up B. take on C. take over D. take out

  20. He has an open ___________ on the subject, so you could easily persuade him.

  A. brain B. mind C. sense D. breast

  21. One's mastery of a foreign language is largely determined by his _____B__ to the language.

  A. measure B. exposure C. pressure D. seizure

  22. People's _____B___ about the loud noise there forced the government to close that factory.

  A. struggle B. complaint C. hatred D. irritation

  23. The _____A__ of the various sciences are in some way more important than the sciences themselves.

  A. application B. use C. usage D. implication

  24. His ____A_____ led to his final failure.

  A. ignorance B. information C. achievement D. knowledge

  25. Before 1949, many poor children in China died of ____B_____.

  A. shortage B. starvation C. hunger D. anger

II. Cloze

  There are 10 blanks in the following passage(s). For each blank there are five choices marked A, B, C, D and E. Choose the ONE that best fits into the passage(s).

  For thousands of years, people thought of glass as something beautiful to look at. Only recently 36 D come to think of it as something look through. Stores 37 C their goods in large glass windows. Glass bottles and jars 38 D food and drink allow us to see the contents. Glass 39 B spectacles(眼镜), microscopes(显微镜), telescopes, and many other very useful and necessary objects, and glasses are used by people who cannot see 40 A or by people who want to protect their eyes 41 A bright light. Microscopes make tiny things larger 42 C we can examine them. Telescopes make objects that are far away appear 43 D closer to us.

  However in recent years plastics have replaced glass 44 A conditions where glass might be easily broken. There are new uses being developed for glass that were never imagined in the past. Perhaps the greatest 45 C of glass is that its constituent(形成的) parts are inexpensive and can be found all over the world.

  36. A. they B. do they C. they have D. have they

  37. A. protect B. hide C. display D. set aside

  38. A. hold B. held C. that hold D. that holding

  39. A. used to make B. is used to make C. is used to making D. used to making

  40. A. perfectly B. perfect C. perfection D. perfected

  41. A. from B. in C. with D. beyond

  42. A. so as B. as that C. so that D. such that

  43. A. ever B. rather C. more D. much

  44. A. under B. below C. within D. on

  45. A. goodness B. advance C. advantage D. progress

III. Reading Comprehension

  Passage 1

  Television has opened windows in everybody's life. Young men will never again go to war as they did in 1914. Millions of people now have seen the effects of a battle. And the result has been a general dislike of war, and perhaps more interest in helping those who suffer from all the terrible things that have been shown on the screen.

  Television has also changed politics. The most distant areas can now follow state affairs, see and hear the politicians before an election. Better informed, people are more likely to vote, and so to make their opinion count.

  Unfortunately, television's influence has been extremely harmful to the young. Children do not have enough experience to realize that TV shows present an unreal world; that TV advertisements lie to sell products that are sometimes bad or useless. They believe that the violence they see is normal and acceptable. All educators agree that the "television generations"are more violent than their parents and grandparents.

  Also, the young are less patient. Used to TV shows, where everything is quick and interesting, they do not have the patience to read an article without pictures; to read a book that requires thinking; to listen to a teacher who doesn't do funny things like the people on children's programs. And they expect all problems to be solved happily in ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes. That's the time it takes on the screen.

  46. In the past, many young people ___D___.

  A. knew the effects of war

  B. went in for politics

  C. liked to save the wounded in wars

  D. were willing to be soldiers

  47. Now with TV people can _B____.

  A. discuss politics at an information center

  B. show more interest in politics

  C. make their own decisions on political affairs

  D. express their opinions freely

  48. The author thinks that TV advertisements ___A__.

  A. are not reliable on the whole

  B. are useless to people

  C. are a good guide to adults

  D. are very harmful to the young

  49. Which is NOT true according to the passage? B

  A. People have become used to crimes now.

  B. With a TV set some problems can be solved quickly.

  C. People now like to read books with picture.

  D. The adults are less violent than the young.

  50. From the passage, we can conclude that __ D__.

  A. children should keep away from TV

  B.TV programs should be improved

  C. children's books should have pictures

  D. TV has a deep influence on the young

  V. Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

  1. In many respects international trade is no different from domestic trade.


  2. He has done this by his ignorance, his greed, and his wastefulness.


  3. Exploring the moon with unmanned spacecraft was no easy task.


  4. At times, the crews could work only three hours a day because their activities interfered with the running of the subway.


  5. Through my association with Americans during the past six years I had gradually adopted some of their ways.


  V. Translate the following sentences into English.

  1. 事故的发生纯属巧合。

  The accident was a sheer coincidence .

  2. 生态平衡一旦被破坏,就会引起不可想象的严重后果。

  Once the ecological balance is upset,unimaginable severe consequences will be resulted.

  3. 这条规则适用于所有的游客。(apply to)

  The rule applies to all tourists.

  4. 前面堵车了,我们只能绕道而行。

  There is a traffic jam in front of us, so we have to take a detour.

  5. 远离我原来的工作和生活并没有减轻我的疑惑和痛苦。

  Staying away from my former work and life does not ease my doubts and pains.

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